Degasser vacuum HW error

<p> Has anyone had this (BSM) error before?  Have tried resetting & rebooting and priming.  The pump shuts down after ~1-2 min.  Vent line is not kinked or blocked or in liquid.</p><p>Thanks.</p>


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    Thi error literally is related to the deagser. I think if you have checked for the obvious fluidic problems, but just check the lines from the degasser seem tight and there are no obvious leaks. AFter that you have a degasser chamber failure or this this is an electronics issue. I think this will need a ervice call to be made to your local ervie representative.


  • How did you resolve the problem? I just have same problem with you. Thanks!

  • It required a service visit to replace the degasser unit.

  • Thanks!

  • This sounds like a weak vac. pump on degasser. The degasser wants to see the vac. reach a certain level and maintain it. These pumps wear out with age. Check degasser vac. in console. Ideally you should see a reading of .9 or less. Also these pumps often begin to make a faint clunking sound as the bearings start to go.

    If you do repairs yourself pump not very difficult to change out. Part # 700001352.

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    Simply replacing the vacuum pump without professionally testing and evaluating the vacuum tubing and the vacuum chambers is likely to result in failure (or a much shorter lifetime) of the replacement vacuum pump. Sometimes the vacuum pumps just wear out from normal use (~ 4 years is the normal lifetime), but sometimes one or more leaking or contaminated vacuum chambers is the actual cause of pump failure. When a vacuum chamber starts to leak mobile phase or contaminated material into the vacuum system, damage to the pump (and other vac chambers) results. This requires replacement of the internal vacuum tubing and any damaged vacuum chamber(s) plus the vacuum pump.

    Please seek professional diagnostic testing of the HPLC degasser module to find out what the actual reason for failure is (IOW: Diagnostic Testing) before swapping out parts. It is generally much less expensive to have the module professionally tested, cleaned and repaired than it is to replace the whole module (which is what Waters will do).

    More info on professional testing and repair:

  • I had this issue today. I found a hint somewhere that indicated powering off and on might help.I cycled power on and off a several times and the eventually the problem cleared. 
  • Note - while it is a good idea to make sure that the degasser pump is the culprit before just replacing it, know that you can order the part and replace it yourself in about 5 minutes (assuming you're not a menace when touching tools). It's the same pump for 2695s as for Acquity systems. :)
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