Degasser vacuum HW error

Has anyone had this (BSM) error before?  Have tried resetting & rebooting and priming.  The pump shuts down after ~1-2 min.  Vent line is not kinked or blocked or in liquid.Thanks.


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    Thi error literally is related to the deagser. I think if you have checked for the obvious fluidic problems, but just check the lines from the degasser seem tight and there are no obvious leaks. AFter that you have a degasser chamber failure or this this is an electronics issue. I think this will need a ervice call to be made to your local ervie representative.


  • How did you resolve the problem? I just have same problem with you. Thanks!

  • It required a service visit to replace the degasser unit.

  • Thanks!

  • This sounds like a weak vac. pump on degasser. The degasser wants to see the vac. reach a certain level and maintain it. These pumps wear out with age. Check degasser vac. in console. Ideally you should see a reading of .9 or less. Also these pumps often begin to make a faint clunking sound as the bearings start to go.

    If you do repairs yourself pump not very difficult to change out. Part # 700001352.

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