on-line SPE coupled with UPLC

<p><span>Is there any recent Waters application regarding the on-line SPE coupled with UPLC? If that, what would be configuration to set up the on-line SPE with UPLC? </span></p><p></p><p><span>Thanks,</span></p><p><span>Yue</span></p>


  • Hello

    This is an area we are exploring, but no formal products as yet. We would require high pressure SPE and a way to multiplex to preserve the cycletime gains for UPLC. As we are looking into this area, can you share a little further information on what your applications is please.

    Is anyone else looking at this too?

    What chemistries would be necessary?

    Many thanks for this interesting question.


  • This application would be of interest to me as well. I have several applications that could benifit from an on-line SPE with the UPLC. I would be especially interested in C18, MAX, MCX chemistries.
  • Jed:

    Let me know any of the detail. Injection volume and application specifics - anything that would be necessary to add in to the ACQUITY system to ensure this worked.

    thank you,


  • Typical injection volume could be 2-4 ul. The application of on-line SPE is mostly for removing the interference and enriching the analyte concentration.

  • Elizabeth

    We are primarily looking at vitamin analysis from foods. The methods are LC-MS/MS and have the required selectivity but the sensitiivty and precision are boarderline in some instances. We would like to be able to achieve a 10X concentration of the analyte(s) using an on line SPE. Currently we are using 10 to 20 uL injections on either BEH C18 or HSS T3 columns.

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