Empower 3 Error


what does 'Quickstart : Encountered an improper argument' mean ?

This was encountered when processing a sample set


  • The detection threshold in processing method is set too high to process the channels.
    Which version of Empower u r using ?

  • Hi ,

    Empower 3 Build 3471

    Not convinced this is the problem but thanks for input

    Error does happen when not processing along with ORA-3113 error

  • To Rectify ORA-03113 error.
    Click Win +R and enter "services.msc",
    search for "OracleserviceEmpower" and start it.
    Re open and all empower related windows.
  • Hi , Thanks but cant find 'OracleserviceEmpower'

    OCS inventory service closest I can find

  • i think u r Empower configured as Client/server installation.
    Login to server PC and ensure all oracle related services are running.
    and ensure Windows firewall is off.
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