Empower 3 Error


what does 'Quickstart : Encountered an improper argument' mean ?

This was encountered when processing a sample set


  • The detection threshold in processing method is set too high to process the channels.
    Which version of Empower u r using ?

  • Hi ,

    Empower 3 Build 3471

    Not convinced this is the problem but thanks for input

    Error does happen when not processing along with ORA-3113 error

  • To Rectify ORA-03113 error.
    Click Win +R and enter "services.msc",
    search for "OracleserviceEmpower" and start it.
    Re open and all empower related windows.
  • Hi , Thanks but cant find 'OracleserviceEmpower'

    OCS inventory service closest I can find

  • i think u r Empower configured as Client/server installation.
    Login to server PC and ensure all oracle related services are running.
    and ensure Windows firewall is off.
  • Thank you for this thread, it solved our issue.

    Why does having the threshold set to high prevent processing of the channels?
    We had this problem and lowering our threshold fixed it which is great but i'd really like to understand what is goign on in the back ground to fix this.
  • I haven't seen this before but I would guess that if your threshold is too high then Empower effectively cant integrate any peaks, both known and unknown, because the baseline is wiped out by the high value and nothing is integrated, including solvent fronts. No results returned may trigger this error.
  • Whenever getting ora-03113 error during sample set processing, close the Empower application and login. If your skip this error, you will face improper argument error. To resolve the ora-03113 required more iinformation.
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