Sequential Dissolution Calculation

Hi Everyone,

We have a few sequential dissolution methods we test. This is where we have product in acid media and then the pH is either changed completely or adjusted to a buffer stage.

Currently we analyse samples on the HPLC using the Empower inbuilt Dissolution function, where Bath A is acid (X volume, X mLs removed) and Bath B is buffer (Y volume, X mLs removed).

We get results for acid and buffer which are correct (manually verfied) but to calculate the true dissolution in buffer we need to add the acid release results (Bath A) to the buffer release results (Bath B).

Can Empower do this for us? 

If not, how would I write a custom calculation to be able to use Empower to calculate this? I am familiar with custom calculations but i am not sure where the dissolution data comes from as it is an inbuilt Empower function.



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