MAX of 3 different Custom Fields

Hello, it is possible to Calculate the Maximum of 3 different CFs?

For example:

CF1 = Result, Real(0.0)

CF2 = Result, Real(0.0)

CF3 = Result, Real(0.0)

MAX = MAX(CF1,CF2,CF3) ???

thank you


  • No, max is a summary function and can not be used in this manner.

    Summary functions must have the formal X.Y.Z.FUNCTION(Parameter), where

    X=sample label

    Y=sample injection

    Z=detector channel

    FUNCTION = AVE, Min, MAX, etc, etc.

    Parameter = detector channels, peak height, peak area, etc, etc.

  • You could do this in a report method if that suits. Have your 3 results in a table and add the MAX function to this table.
  • If you are set on a custom field to do the comparison and you wish the result to be whatever the max is, possibly an enumerated list with boolean fields could work?

    Something like:
    ENUM(GT(CF1, CF2)&GT(CF1, CF3), GT(CF2, CF1)&GT(CF2, CF3), GT(CF3, CF1)&GT(CF3, CF2))
    translation table set to field with something like the following in the translation table for where CF1 is greatest: CF1 (fc) and so on for the others.
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