Faults not working properly Empower 2

Im having a strange problem with Empower 2. I set a value in the Limits tab for a peak custom field called Adjusted_Value (which is Amount/CConst1*100) and I set a Target of 100 with a lower warning value of 50. I have Ignore Blank values set to yes and check limits set to Always.

Weirdly , when I processed a run I got a lot of values which were way lower than 50 and it came up red and italic in review and a peak table in report but yet the field Faults was No in the report! I work with Faults in Empower 3 and anything which is outside of the limits comes up as Yes for the Faults field..I tried a different processing method, thinking it was corrupt but same thing- values which were way lower than the lower limit were faulting font correctly but yet the Faults field is still saying No!

Does anyone know what else could be causing this? I'm sure it cant be an Empower 2 anomaly as it would be well known. I'm not having any issues with Fault appearing as Yes in Empower 3. its probably something small but I cant think of anything...

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