Air sensor calibration out of range

Hi everyone, 

Just did a lot of work on a very problematic nanoAcquity for a professor. What seems like the last issue: after replacing the needle, Mass Lynx wouldn't let me load a method until I characterize the needle volume. The needle is 26 uL. I selected 30 and ran the characterization. It gave me an error that the needle calibration was out of range (about 24). So I went into service mode and tried calibrating the air sensor. That, also was out of range. Visibly, everything looks good. I can also see the bubble moving in and out of the black box of the sensor when it is running the calibration. One thought I had is that this is the nanoSM but the computer recognises the normal Sample Manager. Are the volumes typically different?

Everything else seems to be working, I just need to either fix or work around this volume issue.


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  • If I may add: I see conflicting information about the actually calibration of the volume detector. Usually the needle should be screwed into port 3 of the rheodyne, and the VDD to Port 2. When calibrating the VDD, am I supposed to switch these, as it may seem from reading other posts on here?
  • Hi Dean,
    You need to calibrate the air sensor (Volume Detection Device) but that calibration requires a service code.  So you'll need to contact Waters Technical Service.  888-292-8377

  • Hi Patrick,

    I have the service code. I found it written down. However, when I calibrate the air sensor, it says 'out of range' and tells me it is something like 24, which seems reasonable to me. Is there a step to calibrating it that I am missing? Do I have to switch the positions of any connections on the rheodyne?