Configuration Manager error

<p>I am using Empower 3 and have seen the following issue.  When I log on directly to a lace I am able to see the properties of that node and system just fine.  When I connect to the system using Citrix I can log in fine as well, I can browse projects and do most of the other things except for view the properties of the system and node in Configuration Manager.  I get a message that states 'Failed to establish a COM connection to the requested device.  It is likely turned off or is not a Waters device'.</p><p></p><p>Has anyone seen this before?  </p>


  • Could this also be a firewall issue? Your firewall on the Citrix Server could have an exception in place for RDP but not DCOM. Simplest way to check if you're safe to do this is to turn off the firewall and try again - but only if it's safe to do this! Port 135 in particular is normally used when two computers are trying to start a DCOM chat - so if you can't take down the 'wall, just ask for that port as a starter... Google Is Your Friend on this one though!


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