Windows 7 focus on project window instead of editor window when alt-tab switching

I'm using build 2154 4/D via Citrix client on a (new) Windows 7 desktop.I enter lots of sample weights and tend to do so by cutting and pasting from an Excel sheet into the SSM window.With the old OS (XP SP-3), I could alt-tab back and forth very quickly, but currently focus on on the project folder window when I come out of Excel via alt-tab.Is there any way to change this that you're aware of? It is taking me about three times as long to enter my weights now because I have to use the mouse to click on the editor window and the weight field before I can paste anything. Thanks,DRPS- apologies if this has been covered in the past, but my search did not find anything on this.


  • Nobody has a way to get the editing window to have its own "cool switch" icon or retain focus when returning to it??

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