TQD - Sample cone Problem?

<p>Good days</p><p></p><p> I am working with a new TQD in newborn screening (aminoacids and carnitines).</p><p>The problem is that the sample cone gets dirty very much but only in the internal part (dun, like to burned).</p><p>I know that normal is that the external part (cone and source) exposed to the spray gets dirty, but they are perfectly clean and polished.</p><p>I attach photos.</p><p></p><p>Thanks</p><p> Manuel Zelaya</p>

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  • RD
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    Looks like normal "ion burn" to me.

    What makes you think the cone is dirty ?

    Has your sensitivity diminished ?

    Does your sensitivity improve following sample cone cleaning ?




  • Parameters of the source

    Polarity     ES+
    Capillary (kV) 3.5
    Cone (V)     20
    Extractor (V) 3
    RF Lens (V)     0.3
    Source Temperature (°C)     120
    Desolvation Temperature (°C) 300
    Cone Gas Flow (L/Hr)     10
    Desolvation Gas Flow (L/Hr) 400
    UPLC Flow ml/min: between 0.040 to 0.080
    solvent: acetonitrile/water  grade hplc gradient
    inject: 10 ul
    tuning: 10 ul/min
    methanol solution of aminoacid and carnitines.
    thanks Manuel
  • Benno

    I wish, I had such a neat sample cone!