TQD - Sample cone Problem?

Good days I am working with a new TQD in newborn screening (aminoacids and carnitines).The problem is that the sample cone gets dirty very much but only in the internal part (dun, like to burned).I know that normal is that the external part (cone and source) exposed to the spray gets dirty, but they are perfectly clean and polished.I attach photos.Thanks Manuel Zelaya

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    Looks like normal "ion burn" to me.

    What makes you think the cone is dirty ?

    Has your sensitivity diminished ?

    Does your sensitivity improve following sample cone cleaning ?




  • Parameters of the source

    Polarity     ES+
    Capillary (kV) 3.5
    Cone (V)     20
    Extractor (V) 3
    RF Lens (V)     0.3
    Source Temperature (°C)     120
    Desolvation Temperature (°C) 300
    Cone Gas Flow (L/Hr)     10
    Desolvation Gas Flow (L/Hr) 400
    UPLC Flow ml/min: between 0.040 to 0.080
    solvent: acetonitrile/water  grade hplc gradient
    inject: 10 ul
    tuning: 10 ul/min
    methanol solution of aminoacid and carnitines.
    thanks Manuel
  • I wish, I had such a neat sample cone!

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