Auto Additions

<p>Is it possible to use the auto addition feature of Empower 2 with the Aqcuity system? I would like to spike samples using this method, but am unsure if I can do this.</p><p></p><p>Thanks,</p><p>Rob </p>


  • Rob,

    Can you confirm which version of ACQUITY you are using?  Is it standard ACQUITY or ACQUITY H-Class?

    Having said that, Auto-addition is available on the H-Class with Empower 3.  However, we define auto-addition as sipping multiple samples from different vials and injecting them at the same time onto the column (sort of a train car approach).  I believe what you desire is what we refer to as auto-transfer - the ability to add something (i.e.: reagents) to a sample vial and inject from that vial.  If so, then be advised that we are working on this feature to be released in a future release of software.


  • It is the standard Acquity. And basically what I want to do is inject 5uL each from 2 separate vials.

  • Thanks for the clarification.  Unlike the H-Class injector, the Fixed Loop injector that is on the standard ACQUITY does not currently have the auto-addition feature.  We are looking into this as a feature enhancement for a future release.