ExportUpgrade not running for 1154 to Empower2 upgrade

<p>I am trying to export the system objects from an 1154 Empower system for import during a fresh install of Empower2 FR5. The supplied ExportUpgrade.exe, when run from the existing 1154 server, throws the following error </p><p></p><p>"Empower is unable to determine the version of Oracle Installed on your computer. The setup will now exit." </p><p></p><p>There is only one ORACLE_HOME on the box and Empower works fine. The ORACLE_HOME is named f:oracleora90, so nothing funny there. I could manually export the relevant schemas that this program would do, if I knew which ones. MILLENNIUM and MILLOGIN are probably a given but what about ACQUITY or any of the default projects? </p><p></p><p>Any guidance would be appreciated. </p><p>Thanks </p><p>Joe </p>


  • Dot

    Hello Joe,

    The Oracle_Home might be the issue here. Is this a custom install of Oracle?

    At the moment if this is a custom install the Oracle Home name should contain 10 for Empower 2 installs.