ExportUpgrade not running for 1154 to Empower2 upgrade

I am trying to export the system objects from an 1154 Empower system for import during a fresh install of Empower2 FR5. The supplied ExportUpgrade.exe, when run from the existing 1154 server, throws the following error "Empower is unable to determine the version of Oracle Installed on your computer. The setup will now exit." There is only one ORACLE_HOME on the box and Empower works fine. The ORACLE_HOME is named f:oracleora90, so nothing funny there. I could manually export the relevant schemas that this program would do, if I knew which ones. MILLENNIUM and MILLOGIN are probably a given but what about ACQUITY or any of the default projects? Any guidance would be appreciated. Thanks Joe


  • Hello Joe,

    The Oracle_Home might be the issue here. Is this a custom install of Oracle?

    At the moment if this is a custom install the Oracle Home name should contain 10 for Empower 2 installs.


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