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<p>Hi, </p><p></p><p>We have a method that requires that our samples are stored in the autosampler at 7deg +/- 3 deg. As we put on our run the temperature in the lab was approaching 30deg. the sample cooler was reading approx 9deg. Although 9 deg falls within the allowed range for the method we found that the we could not put on the run unless we changed the method to 9 deg. The sample cooler seemed unable to cool below the 9 degrees. Even at this as the temperature in the lab climbed the run aborted shortly after started as the sample temperature could not be maintained by the instrument. </p><p></p><p>My questions are: </p><p></p><p>At what temperature (in the laboratory) will the sample cooler not be able to maintain the cooling of the sample chamber? </p><p>Why won't the UPLC run when the sample temperature is within the range of the method? We have noticed this occur on several occasions.</p><p></p><p>Thanks for your help on this.</p>


  • lizh

    It appears that the SM cannot attain any better than 9 degrees in your environment. Efficiency does depend on ambient temperature and humidity, high ambient (above 21 degrees) and/or high humidity (above 50%) may be the issue. Also ensure that you have the defrosted recently. I will attach the specification.

    This may be part of the issue, but I also believe that you have run into the way the temperature error band works and we have addressed this in in v1.40 driver. In the method window you set a temperature and an error band. For example if it is 10 degrees and the error band is 5 degrees, the software interprets this as +/- 5 degrees, in other words it will not start to run until under 12.5 degrees and/or throw an error message if the threshold is crossed. You can simply disable the error band and that will allow you to run.

    Hope this helps



    thanks for help Liz