maximum how much % of non-polar solvents can be used for reversed phase mobile phase using UPLC?

Dear AllNormally we use max 20% dichloromethane in methanol and aqueous for carotenoids analysis using HPLC.For any HPLC system (caution degasser should be off-waters) it works well, But I heard that, UPLC should have THF kit. uwithout THF kit can I use UPLC for my analysis?Kindly help meThanks and regards


  • Chloroform, methylene chloride, ethyl acetate, and toluene are not recommended for use in ACQUITY UPLC systems, THF kit installed or not.


  • Yes AJA

    This was asked because, while in LC, column regenaration procedure, vendors suggests that, non-polar solvents can be used for regenaration and some RP-LC applications, non-polar solvents were used (after conforming the misibility with mobile phases

    Based on your answer, we addressed.

    Thanks and regards

  • As per our experience and usage, up to 65% non polar solvents are suitable for UPLC method. But as per suggestions of other users you can use upto 100 % non polar solvents as a gradient mobile phase.

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