Empower 2 FR5 SP G citrix server requirements

<p><span>Do anyone knows what are the requirements for the Empower 2 FR5 SP G citrix server? The Empower 2 FR 5 Upgrade Guide does not include the requirements for the citrix server. Thanks for the help. </span></p>


  • Hello,

    The test configurations used during the development and evaluation are outlined in the release notes for Empower 2 SP G.

    To download or view a copy of the release notes, a link is provided from the Feature Support Resources box located on the Overview Page of this community.

    I hope this helps.


  • Hello Dot

    I am looking for some similar information that is not covered in too much detail in the Installation guide. We are looking into a new Empower system using Citrix and I want to ensure the Citrix presentation server hardware and software is adequately specified to ensure the system operates correctly with 50+ users working on it.

    I have looked for information on the Waters support page and techcnical document TECN1851752 (Citrix Environment configurations for the waters Evaluation Laboratory) was available. However this refers to Presentation Server 4.0 installation with the Empower 2154 Client . Do you have any similar information for Pesentation Server 4.5 hardware and the Citrix application seetings?

    Any information you could provide would be appreciated.



  • Hello Geoff,

    We don't have an updated version at the moment for this document but are looking into the possibility of creating one.

    Kind regards