Component Editor in Report Method


Is there a way to have the component editor information table in my report methods? it would be very helpful for data review 

pictured below is the component editor for reference 


  • There is a group in the Report Publisher tree called Component Info or Component Amounts (it might even be called Sample Amounts)- add that to your report method from the tree on the left hand side when editing, and it details the amounts per component along with the Vial ID and any other component custom fields that may be used. 
  • Otherwise the fields are available under Peak table fields.
  • is there a way to have the component info all in one table ( just like how its presented in the component editor) and not have it separated by vial?
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    No I don't think so, each Vial ID will contain an entry per component custom field. I suppose if you really want to replicate it you can add an All Peaks Table for your components and add Vial/SampleName reference to it, then add the Value field (so 20.92 etc as per your example) and to order by Vial ID Ascending and this table will be a close replicate of the component editor in that it will show the value per vial for each component. 
  • Hello

    It is possible to put component information in the report format as you mentioned. I am attaching word doc as an attachment. Let me know if it will work with you than i can guide how to set up?  sorry  i am answering for first time here so forget my mistakes.  Thanks
  • sorry, somehow it didn't attached in first comment.
  • Yeah that document has the component info or sample info group i mentioned in my first post.
  • Empower2019, it's my mistake i missed that part... i dont think it possible in single table because i tried every single option available. Its better to have in one table but seems like its not possible .
  • If you transform your component custom fields (like Value, Label_Claim, Purity or whatever other component custom field you create) into a Peak, Real, Calculated custom field, they will then display under the "Peak" tree of the Report Publisher. So if you wanted a table of all the "Value" for each component, create a Peak, Real, Calculated custom field, matching whatever search order you normally generate result sets with (if you normally process a sample set to generate a result set, then select Result Set Only as your search order). For the formula simply select or enter Value and call the CF Value_Entry

    Process your sample set and create a report method with the component editor values in it by adding a Component Summary Table, picking Value_Entry as the component to summarize. Add in Vial Number or SampleName to the main table fields and order by Retention Time Ascending followed by Date Acquired Ascending. Voila- you have a table that looks exactly like the component editor, the obvious difference being there is a vertical list of the Values rather than horizontal. 
  • I cant seem to find the value field anywhere in the report publisher trees , only field close to it is the amount 
  • You need to transform the Value field to a peak custom field as per my previous post. Then it will be present under Peak in Report Publisher.
  • And when you find one that isn't available, just write a (usually) Peak CF for it that echoes 

    Bah - apologies. I wrote ^that^ at least a week ago, guess I didn't click Post hard enough as there it was in the Leave Comment box today.