Waters Premier LCT communication issue with Masslynx 4.0

Hello all,

I have trouble establishing communication between Water Premier LCT TOF and MassLynx 4.0 software.

Masslynx is running on Windows XP SP3 PC, also I use FileZilla FTP server. When I start TOF I can hear EPC boot up. Also I can see TOF connecting to FTP server. Also I can ping EPC. But as soon as I start Masslynx software TOF immediately looses LAN connection to PC. After starting Masslynx I no longer can ping TOF. If I reboot EPC TOF again reconnects to FTP server.

Maybe someone has experienced same communication issue and knows whats causing it?

In the lab we also have Micromass ZQ singleQ instrument which has no problem communicating with MassLynx 4.0 software via FileZilla FTP server.

Thank you, for any tips or suggestions!

Kind regards,