Empower Custom Fields help

I am trying to create a custom field field calculation as below, 

Difference =Max.Blank area count−Min.Blank area count/ Average 100%  Std A peak area ×100
I have the following in my field but keep getting an error. 
Would appreciate some help on this.


  • Jovvor
    Hey LolaKarunwi

    what you are currently doing is telling, within the same injections to take the area of 1 component and substract it again, resulting in 0 and than dividing it back by it's area.

    I assume you want the minimum and maximum of this component in the blanks substracted from each other and than divided by the standard area's times 100

    You will need to use labels in your sequence.
    for the blanks, set like B01,B02 or just B is also possible.
    Than you will need the minimum and maximum of the blanks substracted.
    Something like: Blank_Max with settings: Peak, Real(0.0), Calculated, Result set Only, Sample Type and Peak type as you please, Formula: B%...MAX(CCalRef1[Area])

    Same for the Blank_Min with calculation: B%...MIN(CCalRef1[Area])

    Than create a custom field for the average of your standard injections
    Label them S01,S02,... for example
    Create a custom field: Name Stnd_Average with settings: Peak, Real (0.0), Calculated, Result set only, Sample Type and Peak type as you need, (probably standards only and Founds only), Formula: S%...AVE(CCalRef1[Area])

    Only rest your to take the names of these custom fields and create the last one.


    This result should show up in every injection in your review.
    Remember to set a "Summarize custom field"at the end of your sequence and process from your sample set creating a result set, else no results will come up in your fields.

    Kind regards

  • Thank you for your reply. 
    I will try this.