How can I include a calibration curve criteria in reporting method?

I want to include an acceptance criterion for the correlation coefficient of the calibration curve, so that my report shows whether it meets or does not meet without needing to know the acceptance criterion (e.g. with a Bool CF Pass/Fail). I've tried with GTE(R^2,0.99), but it not rules: when I add this CF to my reporting method it returns both Fail and Pass.


  • Jovvor
    edited February 12
    How does your calculation sequence look like? The Fail and Pass result is probably because you have injections in your reporting method where the calibration curve for is not yet processed and results where all points for your calibration curve have been entered.

    I had the same issue for some of my RM, I resolved this by using the order by -> data filtering -> label equals to U*, because my samples all use the same calibration curve and that is where all points have been added to this calibration curve. So you will have the full calibration line and so the eventuallly acquired R^2.

    If you look at your own result, choose a point where all points have been added to your curve and try to filter the custom field in your reporting method to that point.