Empower Custom field

I am looking for help with a custom calculation. 
It is a part of the formula that regarding a recovery: area std/area internal standard std (average of 3 injection)* area internal standard ctrl*area ctrl(average of 2 injection).
For the weight I have just create a custom field and it is correct.
Thanks in advace


  • Jovvor
    Hey Ol92

    You can easily create a custom field for your recovery.
    The internal standard procedure is just a standard function within empower.
    You set the internal standard within the components tab.

    Enter the standard amounts and control value in your components tab in the run samples window.
    Set the internal standard component amount to 1 for all standards and controls (if they all have the same volume added too them)

    Create a custom field, for example Stnd_Recovery with the following settings

     Field type: Peak, Data type: Real (0.0), Calculated, Sample type: Controls Only (For example), Peak Type (Founds only)
    Calculation: Amount/Control Value*100

    That will give your recovery in % against the calibration curve for your control injections.

    Hope you were looking for something like that.