Proportioning valve degasser operation

Hi, Is there any documentation that I can get a hold of that describe the GPV and degasser operation for H-Class plus qsm? No details given in regular manual. We got a leak in the GPV seems to be overpressure that broke membrane in GPV block trying to figure out the reason. I tought it would under vacuum.

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  • MarcNoble
    Hi per_oxid,

    It is very unlikely that the degasser caused the GPV to fail because solvent is pulled through  the degasser and GPV by the pump.  In fact, gravity is required to ensure that there is a constant flow of solvent to the pump - which is why the solvent bottles have to be above the pump.

    The GPV is a simple solenoid valve that, while running a gradient, is constantly opening and closing to deliver the correct amount of each solvent to the pump.  Unfortunately, they simply wear out over time.

    Here are some knowledge base articles that may be helpful - Link

    Good Luck!
  • per_oxid
    Thanks that was helpfull! The membrane below the valve was physically broken so I guess it was over pressure or under pressure. But I dont expet large pressure here as flow is just from gravity as you said.  I will replace valve and the filters, its 3years old. Just a bit cautious so the new parts dont fail. No error for degasser and all other solvent lines work fine.