Acquity BSM Degasser Board

The degasser board in an Acquity BSM went bad, so I ordered another board. The new board gives me a "electronics failure" error message, which was repeated in two different BSM units. The boards are the same part number (725000459), but differ in revision numbers. The old board is 5512-5007 Rev A and the new board is 5512-5029 Rev K. I want to rule out some questions before I send the board back as defective. Are there any settings in the firmware that need to be changed with the newer board? There is a four position DIP switch on the board. I set the new board to be the same as the old board (Up, Up, Down, Down or Closed, Closed, Open, Open). Does the newer version of the board require any changes to the DIP switch settings?

Thanks in advance for any help with the QSPI degasser board.


  • lizh

    I am sorry you are having issues, but there are no special requirements for the new degasser board.  However, it is very rare that this board fails out of the box. So, we are wondering if it could be something else that's not right. I think would be best to call Waters iRequest and get some troubleshooting assistance before going further.


  • Thank you for the reply. I feel fairly confident the issue lies in the board, since the board does not work in two different Acquity systems which both work with other boards. Just to confirm, are there any configuration differences between different versions (5512-5007 Rev A vs 5512-5029 Rev K) of the board? One last question, do I need a Waters service contract to use Waters iRequest?