Acquity QDA

Hey everyone. I have a question regarding the Acquity QDa Mass detector: I reinstalled the workstation that is running MassLynx due to a corrupt drive. After reinstalling everything (2767 Sample Manager, 2545 BGM, 2 x 515 pumps + 2489 UV detector) I see all devices in the Waters DHCP Server Configuration, with the exception of the QDa. I have rebooted the instrument, however, the right green LED keeps blinking. What might be the cause and how can I solve this? 


  • Hi scientist85,

    I'm assuming that you already set up the ethernet card with the DHCP address, since you do have communication with the other components, but occasionally this will happen even when there is a conflict.  You might want to try the alternate IP address and see if that solves the problem.  Instructions are in this knowledge base article.

    One other thing comes to mind though...sometimes the QDa takes a while to show up in the DHCP Server (up to 5 minutes).  Make sure you give it time to boot and connect.

    Hope that helps,

  • Well, that’s the thing. I waited for 30 minutes and the lights were still blinking (it was still booting up). So I suspect a hardware issue.
  • We have had some reports of the rubber gasket over the power button shifting and not allowing the instrument to complete its boot.  Any chance that is happening before you dig deeper into hardware?
  • But I can switch it off and that works: the led flickers red and then it vents for a few minutes and shuts down.