Mobile phase of 2 mM Cu(NO3)2 in 11mM HNO3 - Unwanted Reactions?

Hello everyone!
Is anyone aware of any component of a Waters UPLC system consisting of a quaternary solvent module, autosampler, PDA, and RI detector which would react with a mobile phase based on 11 mM HNO3 with 2 mM Cu(NO3)2? I couldn't find anything in the documentation that would indicate incompatibility, but have been tripped up in the past in a similar system.
Thank you!


  • lizh

    Unfortunately, that is because we don't publish to this level of specificity, if you can share the method and/or the performance conditions so we can understand the impact. What's the pH, what's the solution going to be mixed with, so we can provide a useful recommendation. OMGs will provide recommendations against keeping salt strength, pH within certain boundaries. Further, ACQUITY UPLC that features a quaternary pump is not specific either, is it a Stainless Steel or Bio version of the system?