Simple peak counting

Anyone successfully counted peaks through the use of custom fields? All I want is the first peak to be "1" , the second "2" and so on.

Seems so simple, yet I'm having trouble making it work.

Any insight would be great.


  • it doesn't have to be through custom fields if there is another way, but I need the "peak number" usable in a further custom field.
  • Use the auto peak label function in the components tab of the processing method.

    Pull the peak label field into the custom field you need downstream. 
  • I need this for unknowns
  • Are the retention times of the unknowns fairly reproducible and consistent?
  • medicnman
    edited February 20
    Is this the Peak Number CF to which you are referring? (Credit to Neil Lander at Waters)

  • The retention times vary from injection to injection, and there are a large numbers of peaks (sometimes 80-100).

    I want to be able to say that "peak 12" is the same peak in multiple injections even if the RRT moves.

    The end product is averaging unknown impurities in triplicate injections based on order
  • Empower3 has a functionality to name unknown by RRT and it happens automatically. However if there are slight RT variations, this can be wrongly calculated