Could not connect to requested node

Hi Everyone, 

We are getting "could not connect the requested node" error while clicking on Empower node properties. We are able to RDP the node. This is happening for specific site. Remaining sites are working normally. What could be the issue? Please share your valuable guidance. 

Thank you


  • Try to ping the node from the empower server, or ping the Empower server from the node. 

    If you are unable to reach it either way, then routing tables. 
  • Hi Arunkumar,

    We have had reports of this error when an Empower User becomes corrupts, but since you are able to connect to other nodes that is not likely the problem (you could try deleting and recreating if you think there is a chance of this).  Another potential issue can be with the Internet Protocol on the ethernet adaptor.  Try turning off IPv6 in the adapter properties.

    Good luck!