Total Impurities above QL

I need to calculate the sum of all impurities, excluding some of the named components, and only ones with Amount field greater than 0.05. 

In the PM I have set the Component Type to Degradation Products for all the components I want to total. Also in the Impurity tab I have Amount in the Impurity Response, excluded (checked) all the component types except Degradation Products and set the Reporting threshold to 0.050000. 

Problem: The Total Impurities field is still including peaks with Amount less than 0.05. 
What am I doing wrong?


  • The reporting threshold will only exclude values that don't round to 0.05, so you could still be including values of 0.045 up to 0.049. Change the reporting threshold to 0.045 and see how many peaks it includes then. You could also set up a table in a report method with 2 filter conditions in the Order By tab, the first one being Impurity Type = Degradants and the second one being "Above Reporting Threshold = Yes" then add a Sum to this column to get the total. I also think that Total Impurities always includes all impurities, including below the threshold, but Im not 100% on that.
  • I figured out the issue. I did not have all the component types selected for each component so it was including some that the Component Type field was blank, because there was nothing in the system to tell it not to include a blank component type. After assigning all components with a type, it then excluded all the component types except the Degradation Products and anything with Amount less than 0.050000.