Water Empower 3 Software - Undoing the "Clear Curves" Command

I have been running into this very frustrating issue multiple times over and it is causing me to have to consistently reanalyze results and wasting hours of my time. I am doing basic quantitation of cannabinoids on a Waters UPLC. However I keep encountering the same issue again and again where I will accidentally change a setting in integration parameters, or any setting on the processing or method set, and the software will clear my calibration curves so I have to restart the entire data review over with a brand new calibration curve.

Even if I delete the modifications directly after, the cal curve will not return. If I go into the methods tab and open the audit trail of the method by clicking "Method Properties", it is marked as having been modified, but there is still no way to undo the modification and get my calibration back. Usually in this tab you can select "Save as current" to the original method by clicking the original saved method, but with this issue where the curves are cleared there is no option for it.

It's as if the second you change anything your entire calibration is completely deleted from the system and there is no getting it back - which is a serious software flaw.

If there is anyway to reverse this and get my calibration curve back it would be extremely helpful to know... Appreciate any input.

Also, If I go back into saved results from what has already been analyzed (up until the cal curve disappears), I can re-pull up the cal from reviewing the saved results, but I cannot figure out a way to re-use that same calibration from their either.


  • This sounds like you arent clearing the previous calibrations associated with the processing method, and therefore any change you make to the integration parameters will prompt the clear curves method. Are your processing your samples one at a time in the Injections or Channels view? Batch processing of sample sets is much more efficient and better yet if you process a sample set using the Acquisition Method Set option with your processing method embedded in the method set used for the sample set. 

    Its essential to ensure a cleared calibration when reviewing raw data. Bring your sample set into review, Edit< Clear Calibration, this will clear calibrations from all processing method(s) whether you opened a method set or a processing method. Then cycle through your standard injections first to build a calibration curve, then when you select your samples they will be quantitated off this curve. When you save your processing method the message about clear curves should be gone. Check too that your samples and standards are not accidentely mis labelled in your sample set. 

    When you process samples manually or one at a time, you need to File > Save Calibration to save that calibration curve and then save any results (File > Save Result) using that curve. But when you process sample sets as a batch, ensure the "Clear Calibration" option is ticked and/or the Clear Calibration function is inserted in the sample set before the first standard injection. This clears all calibrations and saves all results in the database using the curves associated with that processing method, and depends on your bracketing standard set up. 

    As for using a certain calibration curve again, bring the result into review. Select Window>Calibration Curve, the Options>Select Calibration and a list of saved calibration curves associated with the processing method appears. Pick the Calibration ID you want (that reference is on the "Curves" tab) and Then select Ok, and File Save As Processing Method and create a new PM using that curve. You will get a message saying Clear or Copy Curves. Pick Copy Curves and all points of that curve are marked as Manual to denote that the points do not come from the current version of the processing method, Use this processing method to process your samples and the parameters should stay the same. 
  • Oh, and another thing, make sure you are logged in as a User Type that can have the privilege to save results in quantitation, some User Types block this and therefore make processing a lot more complicated. There are a number of processing method and quantitation privileges available, make sure yours are not conflicting with each other in terms of saving results and creating calibration curves etc,