Masslynx 4.2 with Apple botcamp windows?

Is it possible to run Masslynx 4.2 on a Macbook Pro using bootcamp with Windows 10 installation ?

Never used mac but have colleagues that only use macbook so asking before getting win license and bootcamp installed? 


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  • Hi per-oxid - It is likely possible to run MassLynx on a Macbook but it would be totally unsupported.  If you run into issues, Waters would not be able to help you.


  • shaunwat
    edited September 2022
    I have not done this with MassLynx, but I have done this with Empower 3 FR4 and was able to connect to and collect data from an Agilent 1260 Infinity II LC. 

    This can be done. As I recall some consideration had to be given to the ethernet port and the configuration thereof. I believe I worked it out by using wifi for the network connection and an external ether dongle for the instrument connection that the Waters DHCP service was set to run on. 

    Within VMWare I did not allow the ethernet port to be shared with the Mac OS; it was a Windows only port. 


    Saw that you wanted to use bootcamp. Why do that when you can just virtualize it? That way you don't need to restart the Mac every time you want to do MS work. Instead you can just boot the virtual windows OS from within the Mac OS. 
  • Sorry I was not clear I just need to review results not run system. VM ware might be ok option if better
  • I have now investigated and seems for new Mac using M1 processor the virtualization software is Parallells not bootcamp, it was quite expensive so a bit disappointing if it would not workout. Not a mac user myself.
  • Ohhh... forgot that apple silicone likely no longer supports bootcamp. That is a good point.

    A parallels license should be around $80. Another alternative (what I use) is VMWare Fusion. 
  • After further reading it seems very difficult to know if it will be possible to run x86 software on Mac with M1 ARM processor with emulation software. I think I wont even try unless someone can confirm that it works.