Summ of mean results of impurities for multiple injections

edited August 2022 in Software Products
is it possible to calculate total impurities for 4 injection of the sample (2 preps x 2 inj) as a SUMM of AVERAGE results for each impurity, but not as average of TOTAL impurities results for each injection? 
I mean when I do manual calculations, I calculate average result for each impurity of 4 injections, then I take averages of all impurities and calculate Total impurities. 
Is is possible to do it in Empower? 
What I found is only Total imp for individual injection. But it’s not gonna work in case of setting up a reporting threshold limit. It may exclude for example one result of 4 if it is below the limit. So I might have different total.. 



  • Easiest way is to go ahead and name each imp. peak - then you can start doing summary stats etc. on them.  Absent that, they never seem to have similar enough RTs to allow it.