Two different instrument methods in one run sequence for Agilent GC headspace

We have problem in using two different instrument methods in one run sequence. Used Empower and headspace model G1888 and GC HP6890. We required to change Headspace oven temperatures during the run from 70°C to 90°C. Std-A required a Headspace oven temperature 70°C, while Std-B need 90°C. Is there any option in Empower setting to resolve this issue? 


  • Sorry, I found the answer I want from waters knowledge base 

    When you select low throughput in the instrument method, you can perform the following operations:

    • The vials can be arranged in a non-sequential manner.
    • Instrument methods can be different within a sample set.
    • The number of injections for each line can be more than 1.
    • You can select "Alter running sample set".