Fractions and IEX-UPLC

Hello, seeking some help here. 

I want to separate and analyse (on Mass Spec) acidic and basic species from a mAb. We have an IEX method, where we have decent separation, we tweaked the method to collect acidic, main and basic species in fractions. In this first instance, I want to confirm if this fraction overlay with the peaks prior to collection. So I have concentrated the fraction using a speed vac, enough to inject onto UPLC with the IEX method. It looks like none of the fractions like the column and elute within 3 mins of the run, which I find very surprising. So I was hoping if anyone can suggest any improvement here. 

Column - Bioresolve SCX mAb column 4.6mm x 100mm
Mobile Phase - IonHance CX-MS A and B
Flow rate - 0.2mL/min
Run time is 65 mins 

Happy to provide more information, if needed