RT of sample divided by RT of std

Hi all!

wondering if there is an Empowers 3 calculation/method to do this to get the % of RT of sample divided by RT of a standard. It's an easy calculation that can be done by hand but I figure I would ask. 



  • There is no default field that accomplishes what you are after as far as I am aware. However, you can create a few simple custom fields to do this for you. 

    1. Standard RT: LabelA.%.SAME.AVE(Retention Time)

    2. Sample RT: SAME.%.SAME.AVE(Retention Time)

    3. RT Match: (Sample RT Custom Field / Standard RT Custom Field)*100

    Replace LabelA with what ever label you prefer to use for your replicate standard injections. 

    If sample replicates are being used as opposed to individual sample injections, then make sure you use the same sample label for all three replicates. If you are calculating based upon single injection, then make sure each sample label is unique.