Empower 3 with Agilent 1260

My lab just bought an Agilent 1260 HPLC. I'm trying to create a new instrument method for it. I managed to make an instrument method and run a trial sample set with it. When I tried to review it, there was no Peaks Tab and Spectrum index tab in the review window, instead, there was only a Fraction Tab next to the 3D channel and 2D channel tabs. Does anyone know what is wrong with that, or how I can get the spectrum index and peaks tab to show? Thank you 


  • Your experience points to an Agilent ICS problem.

    I would start by looking into the agilent ICS version currently installed. Verify the installation requirements with respect to the 1260 and your Empower version. Different considerations or requirements should also be added based on the installation type: local vs server based.

  • Nill
    thanks, it turned out my access to empower was incomplete. empower admin added access to my account.