Number of values in calculations

I have some trouble trying to find and get the following. In a calculation obtained by a formula, is it possible to know how many value are taken to get the result and not only the numeric result?


  • Every part of the calculation will use the full amount of background decimals to produce the final result. For example, a formula of (Area*10)\Retention Time would take the full value of Area of a peak (say 101456.3098109867..etc) multiplied by 10, then divided by Retention Time of that peak (say 2.3456610988 etc) to give a final result. Empower displays a max precision of 14 decimal places for real numbers but Oracle uses 17 digits in the background. Each field is considered to its full value unless you ROUND it in a formula. 
  • I think I did not explain my issue clearly.
    The fact is: letś say that I have 7 data (2, 4, 6, 8, 1, 3, 5) and I create a custom fields that says: add all the values above value 4 (so then 6, 8, 5). What I get is a nummeric value (19 for this example).
    What I wonder is whether you can also get something like "the number of values that were added" (in this case 3).

  • shaunwat
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    Using your example above...

    Custom Field 1 (boolean): GTE(CustomFIeld, 4) --- this will place a 1 if "true" and a 0 if "false"
    Custom Field 2 (peak, real): SUM(CustomField1)

    This will not tell you which results were summed, but it would tell you that three values were used to generate the sum). 
  • Thank you very much!!!
  • Custom field 2 would have to be a Result Real CF not a peak one. Presuming you want a result for each injection, then you would have to make CF2 Result, as you cant sum a peak field unless its part of an intersample calculation. So if you wanted the sum over standard injections like S1 S2 etc then your formula is peak real: S%.%..SUM(CF_1) but SUM(CF_1) on its own as a peak cf will give an error message. 
  • A simple logic is Sum/Average will give count