Unable to recreate system in Empower Node


I had an issue where Empower message was stating "system is no longer present on node" even though it was present in the configuration manager.

I tried the following steps:

1.  power cycling system and PC (https://support.waters.com/KB_Inf/Empower_Breeze/WKB9476_What_is_the_proper_order_of_reboot_when_I_have_IEEE_and_Ethernet_instruments_with_Empower_or_Breeze_software)

2.  delete and recreating system (https://support.waters.com/KB_Inf/Empower_Breeze/WKB2121_How_do_I_delete_and_recreate_systems_when_there_is_a_communication_or_instrument_failure_for_my_Ethernet_and_IEEE_instruments)

3. Connecting ethernet cables directly to LAN (https://support.waters.com/KB_Inst/Chromatography/WKB15099_Ethernet_instruments_do_not_appear_in_Node_Properites_in_Empower_3)

On step 2. above, after deleting the systems connected to the node, I go into the properties of the Node to scan instruments and get back the instrument configurations, ip and mac addresses but they won't appear. Now I am stuck with no instruments.

How do I get the Node to recognize the serial #, IP and MAC addresses of the instruments?


  • Hi!  What instruments are you trying to connect to the Node?
  • shaunwat
    edited December 2021
    If this is an Agilent system, you also need to remove the instrument from the Preconfiguration tool. 

    Additionally, it may be helpful to delete the instrument name folders located in C:\Empower\InstrumentServer. In addition to the removal of the instrument folder, it is also advised to remove the INSTSRV.DAT file. 

    A waters instrument will automatically be recognized by the node. Other instruments typically use both a MAC and IP address to be recognized by the node. 

    In addition, if there are multiple ports on the network LAN you need to make sure they are bridged. The Waters DHCP Server needs to be set to run on the bridged connection. Most people run the DHCP service on as this is default to most internal networks. 
  • I was trying to connect a 2695 and a 2998. Instead of turning on the systems last and the the computer first, I did it in the opposite order and the software was able to automatically detect/scan for the instruments.

    The systems are connected using ethernet but there is a unused IEEE on the back of the 2695.
  • So you are all set then?
  • Yup, thanks!