Is the UPLC H-class PLUS BioSystem and I-Class can do the same in protein characterization


The UPLC H-class PLUS BioSystem has been designed for antibody and protein characterization with SEC and IEX,so is the I-class can do exactly the same with better resolution


  • Hi, Orbi! Good question! The right choice of instrumentation for SEC and IEX would have to consider other factors besides the dispersion/resolution. First, H-class Bio uses Ti and MP35N in the flow path, while I-class has stainless steel and MP35N. Stainless steel would be more impacted by corrosion from high-ionic strength buffers used in SEC/IEX than MP35N. 
    The lower dispersion provided by I-class would be of limited benefit: SEC peaks are comparatively broad compared to small molecule analytes or even peptide peaks. Typically, the right method conditions matched with the right column can also generally deliver adequate performance for H-class Bio users. Lower dispersion systems are not as forgiving in terms of clogging, something that can happen with higher frequency in narrower tubing using salts or “dirty” samples. IEX is more of an on/off phenomena and may not benefit as much in terms of the lower dispersion. An additional product in Waters portfolio to consider for SEC/IEX analysis would be ACQUITY Premier. The sample flow path is metal free, and the dispersion is the same as for H-class Bio