Is the Auto-Blend Plus Technology available in the H & I class with same performance ?

Is H- class Blend 9 solvent and I class limited to 4 only


  • A binary pump can blend 2 solvents, using flow rate to vary proportion and deliver a given percentage of A and B, at a constant flow rate. A quaternary pump can do the same for 2, 3 or 4 solvent proportions.
    Also Waters quaternary pumps support an additional functionality: Autoblend+ is available with four solvents and is only available on a quaternary pump, it's available in all quaternary based ACQUITY Premier, ACQUITY H-Class and ACQUITY Arc Systems. It's allows users to create and store buffer systems so you can create a specific pH on demand, independent of user variability, and to control salt strength and organic concentration to optimize the separation. AB+ uses software which combines knowledge of the delivery volume of the pump stroke to create a given pH for a calibrated buffer system. 
    Straightforward solvent blending is supported with two and up to four solvents for a quaternary based pump, where A can be varied with up to 6 solvents: A1 - A6 using an optional 6 position solvent selection valve and mixed with B, B &C or B, C & D based upon flow composition. (described as a choice of 9 solvents). For binary pumps you can blend up to two solvents only. For Waters' binary pumps each has a two position solvent select valve A1 or A2 and B1 or B2. (A choice of 4). Binary pumps do not support AutoBlend Plus. Hope this helps define the two functionalities.•Blend-Plus/nav.htm?cid=134623262&locale=en_US.