7697A HS


I am having an issue with a 7697A HS and the positionning of the vials.  Should I be able to use any position on the tray and does it need to be consecutive position?  Does the sample set need to be started form position #1 and incremented by 1?  For example, if I want to inject vial #2 followed by vial #10 or try to start a sample set  with position 20, the system stop.  I have this message Inactive sequence.



  • Through we have one of these, I have only tried to run using sequential vial numbering.

    If the GC or HS configuration has changed since the system was brought into Empower, I have seen both the GC and HS make on injection and then generate an instrument failure / timeout after the first injection has been made. 

    The solution to the above is to completely remove the instrument from the LAC/E and Empower, reboot the LAC/E, and fully recreate the instrument.