Remove the main peak from a group

how to remove the main peak from a group of peaks grouped by retention time


  • Data filtering conditions tab in the Order By tab of peak table. Set it to peak name Not Equals..whatever the name of your peak is. Save then apply report to data and main peak is removed.
  • Oh thanks!  but I think you are referring to the report ... I wanted to say in the process method.
  • Why do you want to remove the main peak? You just dont want to see it in the chromatogram? You can either delete the component or add inhibit integration before and after where the peak comes off.
  • I want it not to add it to the group of peaks created by retention time.
  • I dont understand what you mean. Can you add a screen shot to show your question?
  • my main peak is within the range C15 (9.05-11) and I do not want to add that area to me in this group. I can mark exclude known peaks but it also excludes all those belonging to C15
  • Use a named group for the C15 set as opposed to a timed group. With a named group you are able to pick and choose which peaks you would like to include within that group.
  • Thank you so much!  It was very helpful to me.
  • Hello again, I have another question, if I place C15-1 inside C15 (name group) and in the components section I associate it with the relative time of my main component. is it added within the group?