Create a "latest results" view filter

I want to view my results such that only my latest processed results are shown.  I know there is a way to set up the view filter, but I forget how to set it up.  For example, I changed a result set several times a re-processed, I only want the latest integration/calibration on the Result tab from the related Result set ID I had processed several times to show up.  


  • Create a view filter in the Results tab, and add whatever fields you require. Add Result ID and in this cell, right click and select Group By. In the cell that pops up, select MAX Result # where results are grouped by Channel ID. For clarity, you might want to also add #of results stored and Result # to the view filter. Save and name the view filter.
    When you view any results or result sets in this view, only the latest results will display, for example if you process a sample set 10 times, once you view the sample set as Results, only the most recent results will be shown.
  • Empower2019 is spot on.

    Just a note. I believe there is a "Just in time" filter for this in the View filters tab, "Latest Result for Each Channel". This built in filter should be available in the Results Tab.