Adding highest %area in Sample set table

I have two tables that will not allign in horisontally. One is the sample set and the other is highest %area procent for each injection. Can i add highest area % in the sample set table, i cant figure it out. 


  • Is this a report method? You could create a Result Real CF with MAX(% Area) as formula and add that to the report for each sample. 
  • Very good idea, I just cant get the CF to show the area%. Dont know if  i put the wrong setting for Calculation Criteria.  
  • Maybe change search order to result set only and process a sample set to generate a result set and report results from the result set. Double check the sample type is Standard as per your formula.

    Make sure to check the result icon for each result in the set to ensure you have a populated result. Then its just a case of adding this result cf into the table in report.
  • Don't forget that this is a RESULT field... so you wont find it in the Injection section/ nor the PEAK section when selecting columns in tables or reports.