Waters Empower - fixed text custom field in sample set

Hi, I'd like to display the projects comment (solely) to a report.

By default either the project name or ALL project information can be displayed. So, I need a custom field / text that is fixed per project. Say, my project "AB123" is about chemical NaOH and I want NaOH printed in the title of my report (without changing the report).

Already tried:
A custom field that would do is a keyboard-sample set-text with default value "NaOH". However, it can be changed. I can also make it a external-sample set-text with default value "NaOH" which comes close but doesn't change when you copy data (chromatograms) from another project.

How would you address this?



  • Can you not add NaOH to the project name(s)? And then add in under Special Information only the project name as a header or at the top of the report, and that way the project name and chemical will stay the same on all your reports eg AB123-NaOH. 

    You can rename a project, as long as no activity is taking place like processing or acquisition, through the configuration manager by selecting the project and editing the name in the cell and then saving.
  • Thanks a lot for your reply  :) That actually is a way to do it. I'd prefer to keep them separate, though. That way I can customize all our reports the way we like.

    Do you think it is possible to create a custom field that just contains a text? It should not have to consume data or even do anything at all. Just a static project parameter.

    What's your opinion on that?
  • If im reading you right, you just want a particular header per project at the top of each report method in that project?
    You can create a sample, text cf called Chemical_Name for example,and just populate it in each sample set with NaOH or whatever chemical you use.
    Then when reporting results, you could add this field to your header or just before a peaks table or wherever you need it by expanding the fields tree from the left hand side of the report method editor and dragging and dropping Chemical_Name where you like.