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Hi, I have a custom field (peak, real) and I can't figure out why it does not work. Please help.

It is as follows:

Peak Lambda Max.-S0101.1.SAME(Peak Lambda Max.)

However, just Peak Lambda Max. does actually return a value and the label reference is correct for the following custom field does work:
USP Tailing/S0101.1.SAME(USP Tailing)*100

Custom field settings:
  • real
  • peak
  • result set only
  • standards and unknowns
  • founds
What could I possibly be doing wrong?

Kind regards,


  • Double check your samples are definitely standards and unknowns, do you need group peaks? It might be easier to default peak and standard type to All. Also, might be better to split that cf up into two. Create a peak real cf with formula S0101.1.SAME(Peak Lambda Max) and call this CF_1 then a second one and put ABS in front of it eg
    ABS(Peak Lambda Max-CF_1). 
    Make sure too that the S0101 label is before the samples where you want the calculation done, otherwise if the sample is above it, then CF_1 hasnt been calculared yet so you only get the Peak Lambda Max value.
    Also add summarize custim fields to the end of your sample set when processing a sample set to generate a result set.
  • Are those periods required at the end of  "Peak Lambda Max." ?
    Peak Lambda Max.-S0101.1.SAME(Peak Lambda Max.)

    This may be triggering a syntax error for an inter-sample custom field.

  • When you select Peak Lambda Max from the available fields list in the custom field formula wizard, it goes in as it is, you dont need to add anything to it.
  • Ah! I see. Thanks @Empower2019. Ignore my previous response, please.