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I have criteria in my System suitability for calculating upper limit. If my samples area is above the area of highest standard concentration it fails the below upper limit criteria. How i set up custom filed so empower does the calculation and let me know if its pass or fail.

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    The syntax for intersample custom fields is Label.Injection.Channel(Field) and the % is a wildcard entry meaning "any or all" to capture 1 or multiple labels/injections or channels. For example you inject a standard called S1 five times. A custom field formula of S1.1.(Area) will return peak area from 1st injection only, whereas S1.%.(Area) will return peak area from each injection.
    Yes, if you set up the peak, bool custom field as:
    GT(Area,(S0105.%.(Area))) and set your translations for Yes and No as appropriate, then process a sample set, it will generate a result.


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    Create a peak, bool custom field, with Use as set to Position,Result set only search order and use labels to label your highest concentration standard,and incorporate this in your formula. For example you can label your this standard asS1 or S03 etc. Your formula is then: GT(Area,(S1.%.(Area))) and enter whatever value represents Yes or No, example Fail below upper limit and Pass below upper limit. 

  • ok so i have five different level of standard and my highest level standard i set label S0105. So i will set up my formula GT(Area,(S0105,%,(Area))). Now why i need % sign. Earlier, i tried the formula this way GT(Area,S0105(Area)) and it did not worked. i did same as you explain earlier with bool. May be i will try with % sign and will see.
    Thanks for reply. And i will update soon.
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