Adding a legend in the dissolution plot


We ran a dissolution with profile. Now we want to show the plot in the report. For each vessel, a corresponding curve is shown. Each in a different colour. Is it possible to add a legend to show which curve belongs to which vessel?

Thanks in advance!


  • I don't have the disso option in fromt of me, but I am 100% certain that this is doable.
    I'd start by right clicking on the disso plot report element and digging into its properties. Somewhere in there, there's an option to have it graph a mean for a profile. Faililng that, you might have to have each vessel use a common label for each time point or throughout the disso. in the sample set.

    I never made much use of these plots, we tended to drop exported tables into Excel and do our plots of profiles there just because it looked better, and our "customers" could then include the data in their word reports. Dragging items from Empower PDFs into Office apps is a challenge for many...
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